Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Break that wasn't a Spring Break!!! =)

Spring Break had us up in the Akeley area getting a few more things completed on the cabin to do list!
We also took some much needed time out to take the boys to Spirit Mountain to ski for the 1st time! They had a blast. Then they spent a day with Nanna and Poppi while Erik and I did some more renovating!

There were several things that we completed on this visit:

1. Changed the locks on the entry and back doors

2. Removed all the old Window Blinds and replaced with new ones!
3. Ripped up the carpet / linoleum so that the floor contractors could come in and start on the wood floors as well as the carpeting. We have decided to carpet both the upper stairs and hallway as well as the basement stairs and landing.
4. Had 2 flooring contractors, and a plumber out for some estimates on things that need to be done.
5. Removed all the baseboards to make it simple for the installers to lay the new flooring.
6. Unplugged all the appliances and moved them out of the way for the contractors.
7. Replaced bedding on the guest room as well as the twin bed in the Master bed.

8. Installed Vanity mirrors in both bathrooms as well as hung new shower curtains and linens in the main bathroom!

WOW! We got a lot done!!! =)

Hopefully, a re-open in late spring/early summer and everyone will be ready to enjoy!

Monday, November 17, 2008

More Renovations.....

Erik and I were again up at the cabin for a short trip. We left on Friday afternoon and returned on Saturday night really late.

We got several things accomplished:

1. Painted the Master Bedroom, Guest Room, Upstairs Bathroom and Hallway.

2. Erik hooked up the surround sound system, so like never before, you can watch a movie, listen to CD's or radio and have a TV that you can actually hear!

3. We laid a new floor in the laundry room. Erik started the work and then I just helped a little at the end.

We have the same floor ready to go in for the main bathroom.

We are getting closer!! I think we have to paint the moulding for the doors and trim, then the new carpet and wood floors will go in. This place will look like a whole new house!

We will for sure need some rugs to go around this place!!

Hope you like the update pictures!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Flooring Changes....

Well, We might be on our way up again this weekend to work on painting the upstairs, getting the carpet ripped up and possibly painting some moulding. I am attaching a copy of the options that we are working with for flooring. Not sure what the concensous will be but once it is done, I am sure any of these will be a HUGE improvement! It will be really pretty in there and so serene, I am LOOKING forward to spending tons of time there this summer and maybe renting it out for a couple weeks too!
Till next post...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Renovation...Part One =)

So, Erik and I headed up to the Cabin in northern Minnesota on Wednesday night because Jaxon and Mason were off of school. We had been anticipating this for a couple of weeks so we lined up a dumpster and made sure to get things in order that we would need to start the "OVERHAUL" on the cabin!

For any of you that ARE NOT Fenn family members reading this, Erik's brother, Mark lives in Madagascar Africa but built this cabin as his home for Minnesota and since he is home very rarely the cabin has gone unused for a while and could use some updates.

First, I wanted to say thanks to Steve because I know that he has put a lot of blood sweat and tears into the cabin over the years also. So have Erik's Mom and Dad, and it is NOT our intent to make this cabin just our hangout. We simply want to make it a great place that we can all use but we might also be able to rent out occasionally for groups / vacationers. In order to do that, we need to spruce it up a bit....So, here we go!!!

The family that Mark had rented the place to left a bunch of trash items on the property so Erik and I loaded all of those items into a dumpster as well as Erik cleaned out the shed, raked the yard and put down fertilizer.

I mostly focused on the inside, Erik assisted with the basement, moving furniture and old items out as well as the electronics and painting..Thanks babe...kinda nice without the kids for 2 days!!!

This was the picture as we were leaving today...pretty proud of our hard work...
look at the dumpster!

I just loved this picture...had to post it. Looks so great with the leaves on the trail!!!

This was our prizes possession this weekend. Mark and Theresa have some beautiful African pots and artifacts that were not highlighted so we placed them on top of the cabinets. I love the color....and YES, I did paint the fridge...=)

I LOVE all the really cool furniture pieces that Mark and Theresa have brought from Africa. This table is an example, there is also a really great hutch, beds, and armoires! It will look great with all the contrasting colors when it is completed!

There were a couple of surprise encounters..mainly this one of Erik and the tree that fell down, looks like we need to invest in a chainsaw for the property cuz this baby could heat us all winter if we needed it to!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

October Renovations....

The cabin renovations will be begin this weekend and Erik and I are excited to get the ball rolling! We will be posting before and after pictures so that you can all enjoy the "Transformation"!!!!

Keep checking back! This could be fun!!!